American Pharoah Throws Georgie Alvarez

Triple Crown winner American Pharoah threw his exercise rider, Georgie Alverez, after being startled by some of his adoring fans.  According to Ed McNamara of Newsday, there were no reports that either horse or rider were injured.

However, should this be a factor in handicapping American Pharoah’s odds to win today’s Haskell Stakes Invitational?

Yesterday, I thought it might indicate a potential glitch in the handicapping Matrix.  But then again, my name isn’t Thomas Anderson.  It’s Tom Franklin.

Victor EspinozaRight now, American Pharaoh is the odds on favorite to win the $1,750,000 Graded Stakes race in Monmouth, New Jersey.  And, it seems like a sure thing given his blistering performance at the Belmont Stakes, right?

But we have to remember that horses are NOT machines: they have good days, bad days and great days.

I can’t recall hearing that American Pharaoh bucked a rider because of some people taking photos; in fact, when I saw him training at Santa Anita and Churchill Downs he adored all the attention of the photographers and fans.

I’m not a hater— just trying to find some hidden value that might be lurking.

Who am I kidding?

American Pharaoh is a monster!  Good luck to Victor and we shall see who spooks who!

Thomas Franklin