Saturday Spot Plays

It’s no secret that I’m a strong proponent of “database handicapping,” or computer-aided race analysis, for a host of reasons:

1) It takes the guesswork out. By relying on tested theories and statistics, it is possible to calculate one’s edge — or lack thereof — with much greater precision.

2) It takes the emotions out. Just as Spock believed a logic-driven world was superior to the emotion-laden world embraced by that sniveling crybaby James T. Kirk, I believe that data-driven betting trumps the far-too-often emotional betting that most of us are guilty of from time to time.

3) It allows serious players to relax between races and have a more enjoyable experience at the races… in fact, it doesn’t require one to be at the races at all.

To demonstrate what I mean, I have produced my betting reports for Saturday’s races. These differ from my handicapping reports in that they list the selections that I will be playing (barring late changes and/or unsatisfactory prices).

Click HERE to get a copy of the reports.