10 Amazing Kentucky Derby Facts, You Won’t Believe #6!

With the 146th renewal of The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports, USRacing team is bringing you a list might not have known, check out this iconic Kentucky Derby facts.

The first Kentucky Derby was held on May 17, 1875, with a crowd of 10,000 people and 15 three-year-old Thoroughbred horses who run 1.5 miles.

The first horse who won a Kentucky Derby was Aristides in 1875 entered by Price McGrath, the 3 year old won the race in two minutes and 37 seconds, earning a purse of just $2,850.

Only three horses run the 1892 Kentucky Derby, the winner was Azra with a time of 2:41.50 and a payout of $4.230, second place was for Huron with a payout of $300 and last but not least Phil Dwyer who made $150.

The Derby is also referred to as ‘The Run for the Roses’ because the winner is awarded a blanket sewn with over 400 roses post-race. This blanket weighs about 40 lbs.

All horses that participate in the Kentucky Derby must be three years or younger to compete.

More horses with a name beginning with the letter “S” have won the Kentucky Derby than any other letter. That’s Nineteen past winners including Secretariat, the fastest horse in Kentucky Derby history, who completed the 1973 race in just under two minutes. This year there are two “S” horses lined up with odds of 34:1 for Siskin and 21:1 for Storm the Court.

The Kentucky Derby has never been postponed or canceled due to bad weather.

The fastest winner ever recorded is Secretariat; He won with a time of 1:59.40 in 1973.

Only three fillies (female horses) have won the Derby: Regret in 1915 with a time of 2:05.40, Genuine Risk in 1980 with a time of 2:02.00, and Winning Colors in 1988 with a time of 2:02.20.

The Kentucky Derby trophy is topped with an 18-karat gold horse and rider and stands on a jade base, includes a horseshoe-shaped handle, is 22 inches tall and weighs 56 ounces.